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If you are enthusiastic about plants and like working outdoors, please give us a call or email us about any opportunities we may have.
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Scott Mackenzie

Farewell Scott

After six glorious years we had to say goodbye to Scott in 2021. We are very grateful to have had him on board since the beginning. Scott's hard work and dedication is a key part of our success and growth. His unstinting drive and humour will be missed by staff and customers alike. Best wishes Scotty on your new adventure!

Weather Station

We are grateful for the support of the EU agricultural fund for its assistance through a Countryside Productivity Small Grant in the implementation of improvements to our Irrigation and nutrition control systems with the addition of weather stations, chlorophyll monitoring and data communication across the nursery. The weather station now provides the nursery the most accurate control and calculations using its sensors for rain, temperature, light – solar and UV, humidity, wind speed and wind direction. The individual sensors of the weather station can also operate independently of each other to control the irrigation.

Smashing Pumpkins

Our neighbours, Ian and Stuart Paton of Pinetops Nursery, are no strangers to cultivating champion pumpkins. With the help of Mr. Evergreen's Scott Mackenzie, they proudly presented their contender for judgment in 2020. Weighing an impressive 2,593.7lbs (185st), with a 20-ft circumference, this achievement surpassed their own previous UK title of 2,433lbs. Just 31lbs short of the world record, it secured a new British record making them 2020 Champions. Growing an average of 51lbs per day over 21 consecutive days, it was showcased at London's Old Covent Garden in 2020 before embarking on a charitable fundraising tour. Ian reminisced that his first pumpkin weighed 56lbs when he was 11 years old. The Paton brothers previously held the UK record in 2018 with their 2,433lb pumpkin.

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